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 on: 07 June, 2015, 07:39:20 
Started by asdfg - Last post by asdfg
In the soviet mission "Special Ski Squadron", after the transport plane leaves the map the game crashes after a few seconds.
I have the 1.22 patch installed and running the game on Windows 8

I hope there's some way to fix this issue because i really like this game.

 on: 26 November, 2013, 12:25:14 
Started by mazcaritu - Last post by mazcaritu
Hello, I have seen that many trucks like for example Zis-22 and Gaz AA don´t resupply people. What do I need to do for change this and add to the trucks this option?


 on: 10 July, 2013, 01:45:24 
Started by Carrimon85 - Last post by Igor Burazyletz
My biggest tip : use that time after you beat the 2 or so Soviet waves on the bridge (they wont attack anymore, specially if you had the wits to mine the bridge beforehand - it is an infinite time you have to lay mines EVERYWHERE, in THICK layers around all of your defendable positions. Your cannons are useless - position them in a shorter line well behind your trenches (lest they get taken out by artillery) - build newer, straighter trenches behind your own. But the most important thing are the minefields, spam the map the terentilla village to the northernmost position with them. Rely more on your bunkers than your infantry to kill enemy infantry (with luck enemy howitzers wont destroy them)

 on: 29 June, 2013, 13:53:51 
Started by Carrimon85 - Last post by Carrimon85
Hello i have a big problem with second Finish mission, this mission is too hard for me.
I am in 17 december and i must repel attack in Terentina sector but i have few infantry and a pairs of cannon, reinforcments are to weak to stop this attack.
Any tips for this mission? I playing on normal level of dificulty.
Sorry for my bad english and please help me.

 on: 24 May, 2013, 23:22:31 
Started by Atfx - Last post by Igor Burazyletz
Atfx, what I think u mean is you seem to have killed everyone who tried to cross, then the soviets just sit there and nothing happens, right? Well, this part of the scenario is tricky - if you mined the bridge, you need ur arty to kill any imm'd tanks the enemy might have too. Also, use detached officers or civil guards to detect enemy scouts and officers with their bynoculars - they'll spot and direct arty fire to kill your engineers when u try to blow up the bridge. Take ur time doing it, since they'll also bombard ur scouts. once theres no enemy that could threathen your truck, blow it up and watch the action angle shift to the left! That scenario is hard, so i advise you take ur sweet time, during the bridge debacle,mining carefully the bottlenecks and front of each of ur positions. Try to back out your AT guns way behind the trenches so their damn arty wont get them and you could get any tanks that get through! regards, Igor, Podpolkovnik, BrazyliyKrasnaya Armya

 on: 24 May, 2013, 23:18:13 
Started by ramin - Last post by Igor Burazyletz
You tried applying patches? Try a different PC, with a diff. OS or specs. Last resort I can send you my saves, maybe thats it.

 on: 24 May, 2013, 23:16:50 
Started by Igor Burazyletz - Last post by Igor Burazyletz
Hello! I'm a big time Ost Front FANATIC,and I must thank the developers of this game, it made me really interested in the Winter and Continuation war, a front little present in wargames and shrouded in biased myths. The hystorical,professional campaign and scenario deciptions, with detailed backgrounds, in special, really impressed me  - it's hard info, researched and with no bias (even acknowledged so by the Finn govt), touching over both the stalinist agression and finnish reactionary danger and war crimes  Smiley. And surprisingly so, since I think the developers are from either country of that War, aren't they?

So,anyway,after the deserved praise, I think I'td be cool to start a "tips" or "walkthrough" topic where we (still) few Talvisota players can congrated and help each other. Being to first to ask for a little advise, I'm currently progressing in the Lemetti Soviet scenario, but don't know what SPECIFIC tasks i must perform to get the "break through!" objective done. One of the many things I liked about our ol' Blitzkireg is that they went "gamey" when it was necessary - telling you technically what to do to tick objectives off (Tank A must surivive, get vehicle X to village Z, get at least 20 infantry and a gun across bridge Y,etc). I could manage to get some infantry, as well with vehicles loaded with some of my equipment to the "escape" zone in the bottom of the map, but i need specific directions to know what I have to do and avoid playing the scenario over and over again just to find out (last time I managed to get 4 tanks to the escape point, all my other units perished, but mission wasn't accomplished). Thanks in advice!

 on: 05 February, 2013, 20:43:24 
Started by eppu - Last post by eppu
Aika kuolleet ovat nämä foorumit, eikä ihme, sillä onhan pelikin jo vanha ja tyylinsä takia pelaajia paljolti karsiva.

Kyselisin kuitenkin täältä, jos joku vain sattuu foorumeita lukemaan: kiinnostaisiko jotakuta pelata Blitzkrieg -sarjan pelejä moninpelissä? Itse en saa kavereita mukaan pelaamaan mutta tietokonevastustaja ei tarjoa enää niin hirveästi viihdykettä. On tätä peliä kyllä jo pelattukkin vajaat pari vuotta. Cheesy

Jos siis vielä jotkut porukat/henkilöt Blitzkriegiä pelailevat niin ottakaa rohkeasti yhteyttä!


 on: 04 January, 2013, 08:17:19 
Started by HeikkiiJ - Last post by HeikkiiJ
Mainitsitte tuossa että pelinne perustuu keskusteluhin, joita olette käynyt mm. venäläisten  sotahistoriasta kiinnostuneiden kanssa. Minua kiinnnostaisi nimenomaan venäläisten näkemykset talvisodan (ja jatkosodan) alkamisesta (ja koko Stalinin ajasta). Onko saatavissa tietoa keskusteluistanne? Missäköhän osoitteessa niitä on käyty? Tms. En kyllä valitettavasti hallitse edes kyrillisiä aakkosia.   

 on: 11 May, 2012, 13:32:24 
Started by LyeDecker - Last post by rubberist
Ois se kiva saada uusi samantyylinen peli.. Jatkosota ois paikallaan. Tiedä sitten mikä mahtaa tekijöiden uusi peli olla  Huh

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