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Title: Problem with Taipale
Post by: Carrimon85 on 29 June, 2013, 13:53:51
Hello i have a big problem with second Finish mission, this mission is too hard for me.
I am in 17 december and i must repel attack in Terentina sector but i have few infantry and a pairs of cannon, reinforcments are to weak to stop this attack.
Any tips for this mission? I playing on normal level of dificulty.
Sorry for my bad english and please help me.

Title: Re: Problem with Taipale
Post by: Igor Burazyletz on 10 July, 2013, 01:45:24
My biggest tip : use that time after you beat the 2 or so Soviet waves on the bridge (they wont attack anymore, specially if you had the wits to mine the bridge beforehand - it is an infinite time you have to lay mines EVERYWHERE, in THICK layers around all of your defendable positions. Your cannons are useless - position them in a shorter line well behind your trenches (lest they get taken out by artillery) - build newer, straighter trenches behind your own. But the most important thing are the minefields, spam the map the terentilla village to the northernmost position with them. Rely more on your bunkers than your infantry to kill enemy infantry (with luck enemy howitzers wont destroy them)